GEEV is a free classifieds app which makes it easy to give away your unwanted stuff or pick up used items from people near you! It’s 100% free to use and has already captured the hearts of a million users in France, the UK and Germany.

What they wanted: Peersway was asked to source influencers in the Greater Toronto Area who would download the app and create Instagram posts and stories. The influencers were required to create stories explaining how their followers could use the app to give things for free. Influencers were also given referral codes which they could share with their followers.

What we did: We sourced over 90 influencers in the Greater Toronto Area for this campaign. Each influencer published 1 Instagram post and 1 Instagram story. Due to the engaging content created by the influencers, the GEEV app was downloaded by over 800 people in Canada. Apart from tracking all Instagram posts, our team also tracked each individual stories created by the influencers.


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