Duracell’s Optimum batteries are Duracell’s highest energy AA and AAA batteries and are an essential in this holiday season. When picking up last-minute toys or holiday decorations, be sure to also pick up the must-have item for your devices – new Duracell Optimum batteries. Duracell Optimum provides Extra Life in some devices or Extra power in others vs. Coppertop.

What they wanted: This is our second holiday campaign with Duracell. Similar to our first campaign with them, the client wanted Peersway to source mom and dad influencers to remind them the importance of stocking up on batteries since kids toys do not come with batteries. They also wanted influencers to introduce the new Duracell Optimum batteries and their resealable packaging.

What we did: We collaborated with 84 mom and dad influencers to create one Instagram post and at least two Instagram stories. For the first Instagram story, they are required to visit Canadian Tire, Costco, or London Drugs and show their audience that they are purchasing Duracell Optimum. In their second story, they are introducing the new resealable packaging, and lastly on their Instagram post, they are encouraging their followers to stock up on Duracell Optimum batteries before it’s too late!

Photo Credits: @chasing.the.ts, @evie.sophia, @maryluvdk, and @lifeofleona


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