Batteries. We use them everyday but do you stock up on them?

Saving you from Christmas morning meltdowns, we’re thrilled to team up with Duracell! Waking up on Christmas morning to find presents from Santa under the tree is one of the most anticipated moments for all kids. After “patiently” waiting to see if Santa will deliver what they asked for, kids trust that they will be able to play with their new toys right away. Which is why a gift given without the trusted batteries it needs is incomplete.

Over 100 influencers will share their past Christmas meltdown stories because they forgot the batteries! They learned from their mistake and is stocked up on the most trusted batteries (because not all batteries are created equally) this Christmas. Search #PeerCell on Instagram to see their posts!

Duracell batteries can be purchased at Walmart, Costco, Canadian Tire, Amazon, and other retailers. The link is also in our influencers’ bio.