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Peersway customers get a better Return On Investment compared to any other platform.

How it works

Work with more Influencers

Peersway helps you work with nearly 6 times* more number of influencers than other platforms

Industry Avg: 15 – 20 influencers
PEERSWAY: 100 – 120 influencers

*Campaign Budget $6000

Increase your total campaign reach

Peersway campaigns reach nearly 50%* greater number of people than other platforms

Industry Avg: 450K – 600K people
PEERSWAY: 600K – 720K people

*Campaign Budget $6000

Get higher campaign engagement

Peersway campaigns have nearly 4 times* higher engagement than other platforms

Industry Avg: 9K – 12K engagements
PEERSWAY: 30K – 36K engagements

*Campaign Budget $6000

Peersway can help save 40% of your Influencer marketing cost.

What makes our service unique?

Automatic Sourcing: No more searching for influencers. Post a campaign requirement and let influencers apply to join your campaign. Save hundreds of hours each year!

Fixed price per Influencer: Every Peersway influencer charges the same amount. You won’t waste time negotiating price, availability or requirements.

Turnkey Service: We manage the entire campaign for you. This includes shortlisting influencers, communicating campaign requirements, reviewing their posts and handling payments.

Higher Engagement Rate: We only work with influencers who have a high engagement rate. This helps us deliver more than 5% engagement for all influencer campaigns while other platforms can barely deliver 2% engagement.


Setup Campaign

Fill out a brief survey so that we can get to know your brand and your campaign requirements.

Influencers Apply

Peersway launches the campaign, sources and hires influencers, reviews content and pays influencers.

View Reports

Get access to real-time campaign tracking and review the content created by Peersway influencers.

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