“Peersway helps its customers spread their message on social media by leveraging the power of peer-recommendations”

Why Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)?

consumers believe recommendation from friends and family over all forms of advertising
consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations
consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision

Why use Peersway for WOMM?

Peersway gives you the ability to reach your customers, no matter where they are. Use our hyperlocal targeting capability to reach users in your city or state.

Peersway offers a fresh new channel to reach your customers. Use it creatively to reach new and existing customers across the country.

Our users typically have less than 5000 Instagram followers. This gives you 3 times higher engagement compared to influencer marketing.

Our users can bring their friends to your physical store or share your website link with their followers on social media to generate leads.

We manage all aspects of your campaign, so that you save time. We setup your campaign, select users, review fresh content generated and report results.

View content generated by our users and track important metrics like reach and engagement. You can also buy user content at additional cost.

Avoid ad-fatigue and lower clickthrough rates with fresh content created by our users, which often outperforms other content used in Facebook ads.

At Peersway, we manually verify each user to identify fake accounts. We also gather user interests, demographic data and other useful meta data.

How does it work?

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Want to learn how Peersway can help spread your message?

Peersway is a service which provides scalable “Word-of-mouth” marketing for Brands and marketing agencies.
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Content created by our users

Why work with our users?

16 – 25 Years
26 – 47 Years

Majority users are Millennials

Potential Reach

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Check out the results for the Mere Suppe campaign, which required our users to showcase their product. This was a small-size campaign with the theme “Soup on the go!”

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Few common questions

Instead of working with big influencers, Peersway mostly works with ‘Peer-influencers’. These are ordinary people who are active on social media and have less than 5000 followers on Instagram. We at Peersway focus more on engagement than reach, while other solutions are still focusing on reach.
Since Peer-influencers have relatively less number of followers, there is a greater probability of their followers living near them and being more engaged due to a personal connection. Big influencers have much larger number of followers and there is a high probability that many of these followers are either fake or live outside the country and have very less engagement.
We manually review the profile of each peer-influencer who joins Peersway. We look at various parameters to identify and terminate fake profiles. We also review the quality of pictures posted by them and the level of engagement they have received in the past. All these steps, helps us maintain a high quality.
No one wants to post ugly or embarrassing pictures on their Instagram account. Peer-influencers often are very careful about the pictures they post and often create beautiful pictures. Check out our case study to see some images posted by peer-influencers.
Since we work with Peer-influencers, our pricing is very flexible. We work with our customers to create a custom package, which provides the best return on investment.  Usually, a higher campaign budget helps customers work with a more diverse pool of peer-influencers, which gives them a better result.
Yes, we manually review each picture to ensure that it meets the campaign requirements. If we notice any issues we contact the peer-influencer directly and work with them to resolve the issue.
Our customers choose the start and end date for their campaign but we recommend that each campaign should run for approximately a week to ensure that peer-influencers get sufficient time to prepare for the campaign requirements.
Although our peer-influencers are spread across Norway, most of them are from Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.
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Want to learn how Peersway can help spread your message?

Peersway is a service which provides scalable “Word-of-mouth” marketing for Brands and marketing agencies.
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