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Brands and local businesses are looking for Instagrammers to promote their products. By creating a free account, you will be able to browse all available campaigns, apply for campaigns which suit your style and get paid for posting original and engaging pictures of brands on Instagram.

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Few Common Questions

Your potential for earning depends on several factors. Users who are active on social media and have highly engaged followers often tend to earn more than others. We monitor for bad hashtags (e.x. #like4like, #follow4follow) and suspend profiles, which use such hashtags. Users who try to get fake likes and followers are also removed from the system.
Yes, it is free for users to join Peersway. We will never charge our users for registering or participating in campaigns. We earn money by charging our customers a small fees.
Depending on the campaign requirements, we sometimes send you products while sometimes we pay you extra to buy the product yourself. This information would be provided to you before joining a campaign.
We want our users to have the flexibility to choose campaigns, which are best suited for them. So, you can choose the brands and products which you want to promote and only participate in those campaigns.
Popular brands and advertising agencies provide us their requirements, which we share with our users. Before joining a campaign, users can see the campaign requirements and the amount they would get paid for participating. Based on the requirements, users post pictures which we review to ensure quality. Once the campaign is over, we immediately pay our users who participated in the campaign.
After registering you will be able to read about active campaigns and also find out how much you will get paid to participate in the campaign. You can also apply to join an existing campaign. Whenever we launch a new campaign, we will send you an email about it, so keep checking your emails regularly!
After a campaign ends, we will send your payment within a couple of weeks. We only support PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please create one for free. We have already paid several users and no one experienced any problems.
There is no catch! Today brands and advertising agencies pay a lot of money to big social media influencers. We are working on changing that. By working with Peersway, brands can pay hundreds of micro-influencers like you instead of paying a single big influencers.

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