Influencer campaigns can be extremely effective in building brand awareness and driving sales. They could also help brands generate a constant source of user-generated content that can be used in several ways. Below are a few examples:

  • Repost on social media: You could repost the content created by an influencer on your social media channel. Just remember to give photo credits to the influencer and make sure that the pictures were created for your campaign. This would not only help you publish new content at regular intervals, but it would also display how people are using the product.
  • Use for blog posts and website testimonials: User-generated content could be a great fit for including in the testimonials section of the brand’s website. This would help build trust among the website visitors. You could also use influencer content to create blog posts.
  • Create Facebook/Instagram Ads: It is difficult to accept but ‘Ad Fatigue’ could severely impact the performance of your paid ads. If you are using the same picture in all your Facebook or Instagram ads, you will notice that the performance of the ads will slowly go down. Using user-generated content for your paid ads could help avoid this issue and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.