Review influencer applications

Review Influencer Applications

For every influencer that applies to the campaign, you will be able to view their Instagram handle, interests, the average rating, and link to their blog/website. This information would help you review their profile and determine if they are a good fit for your campaign.

We have shared below a few useful tips that will help you find the perfect influencer!

  • The number of followers: Brands often think that more number of followers means a greater influence, but that is not true. It is important to check where these followers are located and if they are real followers or fake followers. You can use a service like HypeAuditor to perform a deeper analysis of the influencer’s profile.
  • Engagement rate: This indicates what percentage of the followers are engaging with the influencer’s content. To get an approximate value, just find the average number of likes and comments received by the last 10 – 15 posts published by the influencer and then divide it by the number of their followers. We recommend an engagement rate between 2% – 6%.
  • Posts per month: While reviewing an influencer’s profile, check how many pieces of content do they publish in a month. Too little or too much content published could be a red flag. We recommend between 5 – 15 pieces of content per month.
  • Quality of comments: Some influencers use automated software to increase the number of comments on their posts. To identify this, check the comments on the influencer’s posts. If you notice a majority of the comments to be random emojis, there is a high chance that the comments were made by automated software.
  • Previous brand collaborations: You can check the influencer’s content to find out the brands they have collaborated with in the past. If they have created branded content in the past, chances are high that they already know how to create engaging content around your brand.

Apart from the points mentioned above, it is also important to review the quality of the pictures posted by the influencer. Are the images clear? Is the lighting good? Does the general aesthetics of their feed look good?

Even though these tips will help, sometimes it is just easier to work with the influencer and see if the collaboration was successful!