Influencer campaign introduction

Campaign Timeline

Begin the process by adding a campaign title. An eye-catching title could help your campaign stand out among all other campaigns! Input the start and end date of your campaign so that influencers know by when they need to publish their content. Next, select the country and the influencer interests. If you want influencers based in Canada to apply for this campaign, select ‘Canada’ from the dropdown.

You can select a maximum of 5 influencer interests. This will help influencers quickly get an idea of the type of influencers your brand is looking to collaborate with. Finally, upload a banner image. Since this image is visible to influencers, it is best to create a customized image for each campaign that includes your brand logo.

Products offered to influencers

Product Offered

Brands would be able to promote one product per campaign. Just start typing a product name and our app will display a list of all products that have a similar name. From the list, select the product that you would like to promote.

Next, select the number of influencers you require for this campaign. Since brands are required to send products to each influencer, please consider the shipping cost while deciding the number of influencers.

Finally, describe the product that the influencer would be promoting. This is your opportunity to introduce the product to the influencer. Highlight the key features of the product. Talk about what makes the product unique. If the product is manufactured locally, mention that! Influencers love promoting local brands.

Payment for influencers

Influencer Payment

Influencer payments are always optional. This means that brands can launch campaigns where they exchange products for content. This feature has been created for brands that cannot afford to pay influencers.

Even though influencer payments are optional, we strongly encourage brands to consider paying influencers. Creating content is a time-consuming process and we recommend a minimum payment of $30 – $50 per influencer for one post and one story.

If you want to pay influencers, please ensure that you have a PayPal account. Once the influencer has completed the campaign, you can pay the influencer directly using PayPal.

Influencer requirements for campaign

Influencer Requirements

If you are looking for a specific type of influencer, talk about it here. For example, are you looking for influencers who are parents with kids older than 3 years? Or are you looking for influencers who regularly share recipes?

It is important to remember that if your requirements are too specific, very few influencers might apply to join the campaign. So we recommend keeping the requirements as broad as possible and then reviewing each influencer application to find the perfect balance.

While mentioning the influencer requirements, you could also mention the minimum number of followers. Please keep in mind that most influencers on our platform have less than 20K followers.

Campaign requirements

Campaign Requirements

In this section, talk about the amount of content you want each individual influencer to create. Clearly mention how many Instagram posts and stories you would like the influencers to create. We recommend 1 post and 1 story per campaign.

If you want influencers to publish content as per a specific schedule, mention it here. For example, you could request influencers to publish their Instagram stories about product unboxing during week 1 and then publish an Instagram post about the product during week 2.

You could also summarize the top 2-3 key messages that you want influencers to include in their post caption. We recommend not including a lot of brand messages as this could confuse the influencer or make the content look spammy.

This is a great place to mention the brand hashtags or campaign-specific hashtags that you want the influencers to include in their post caption. If you want influencers to include a link in their bio, specify that and also mention the minimum number of days you want them to keep the link. Based on our experience, most influencers are not comfortable having the link in their profile bio for more than 2 days.

Remind influencers to use #AD, #Sponsored, or #Gifted in their post caption to indicate that it is a sponsored content.

Content guidelines for influencers

Picture Guidelines

Clearly explain the type of pictures and stories that you want influencers to create. For example, if you want them to create a flat lay of the product, mention that. Instead, if you want them to create a lifestyle shot with them included in the picture, mention that.

If you want influencers to create the picture in a specific location, clearly mention that. For example, the picture needs to be taken in a well-lit area in the living room.

Feel free to highlight the Dos and Don’ts (if any). For example, do make sure the brand logo is clearly visible. Or do not have your child holding the product

Please make sure that these guidelines are not too restrictive. Allow the influencers to be creative. They have successfully built their own personal brand and are great at storytelling!

Influencer benefits

Influencer Benefits

Briefly explain how influencers would benefit from collaborating with your brand. You can highlight the value of the product that your brand is providing the influencer.

Apart from the product, if you are going to pay each influencer an affiliate fees for products sold using their referral code, mention that clearly. If you are looking for a long-term collaboration with influencers, highlight that!

Campaign sample pictures

Sample Pictures

We encourage brands to provide samples of the type of pictures they want influencers to create. This helps influencers get a better understanding of the campaign requirements and it could also inspire them to create similar content.

You can upload a maximum of 5 sample pictures. Just click on ‘add 1 more picture’ to upload a new sample.