Peersway specializes in sourcing influencers for brands and agencies across Canada

We provide a fully-managed influencer marketing service where we help source influencers, manage legal contracts, review content, track campaign success, and process influencer payments.

Outsource your influencer campaigns

Our campaign managers take care of everything: starting from finding the right influencers to ensuring that your campaign delivers the best possible results. One less thing for you to worry about!

Partner with micro and nano influencers


Instead of working with a few big influencers, you can now work with thousands of micro and nano influencers across Canada. More influencers mean more high quality branded content for you!

Reduce your influencer marketing cost


Paying too much for your influencer campaigns? We negotiate the best rates with influencers, so brands pay almost 40% less on Peersway than any other influencer platform.

Our Categories

Join Canada’s leading brands and agencies


From big global brands to small local businesses, our diverse group of creators can create content that amplifies your brand story.

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