Fully Managed Influencer Campaigns For Brands

Our dedicated campaign managers would source influencers, review content, track campaign progress, create reports, and pay influencers.

Why Choose Peersway?

Quickly Source Influencers

Within 48 – 72 hours, our team would source influencers for your campaign who are suitable for the brand and are available to create content as per your schedule.

Reduce Marketing Cost

We negotiate with the influencers to secure a lower compensation which on average helps brands save almost 40% of their influencer marketing cost.

Save Time & Effort

Our campaign managers work behind the scenes to ensure all steps of the campaign are completed successfully with minimum supervision from your team.

Our Influencers

for Chefs Plate

for Head & Shoulders

for Emborg

for Skittles

for Dove

for Ivory Snow

Success Stories

Mentholatum wanted to execute a campaign within 3-4 weeks! Our team quickly sourced 20 influencers to create eye-catching content showcasing the product.

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Gerolsteiner needed a large amount of user generated content at an affordable rate. So, we sourced over 40 influencers who created more than 100 pieces of unique content.

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Mint Smilebar was looking to work with influencers across North America to raise brand awareness and source high-quality content that could be reused by the brand.

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