In celebration of our Country’s 150th Birthday, we are launching a new campaign to raise awareness and support local businesses in Canada. We at Peersway believe that one of the best way to support local businesses is to promote them through personal recommendations.

As part of the Canada150 celebrations we have decided to run an influencer campaign where we will give away weekly prizes (cash reward and free products) to our members who promote local businesses through their Instagram account. We would also feature some campaign participants and local businesses on our Blog and Social Media accounts.

How to participate in the challenge?

  1. Download the free Peersway mobile app and create an account. This will also allow you to participate in all future Instagram campaigns launched on Peersway.
  2. Post a picture on Instagram of a product made by a local business. It could be an ice cream, handmade jewellery, bath bomb, pillow case, herbal tea, etc. Basically anything that is made by a local business.
  3. Tag picture with the Instagram ID of the local business and Peersway
  4. In the comment section, write why did you decide to support this particular local business
  5. Use the hashtags #canada150 #peerswayloveslocal

Although not required, we would be very happy if you would include the following in your comments
Celebrating #canada150 by supporting local businesses through @peersway


This challenge is open only to registered Peersway members living in Canada. If you have not registered with Peersway, you can download the free Peersway mobile app and create an account.